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 Post subject: SSC tactics for Rogues
PostPosted: Tue Mar 11, 2008 2:36 pm 

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i have spammed the forum earlier ...with the SSC tactics from a rogues point if view...so ill just post it here too.
Hydross the Unstable

* Poisons: Immune. Use sharpening stones.
* Immune to bleeds.
* Resist gear: None
* Switches between Water Form and Poison Form. With each switch, four adds are spawned. Switches will happen about every one minute.
* Each switch resets all threat.
* Water Form (Pure form)

o Mark of Hydross -- Stacking debuff on entire raid that increases frost damage.
o Water Tomb -- Cast on a single target every 7 seconds. 4-second stun, and 4500 frost damage over 5 seconds, increased by the debuff. Affects all players within 8 yards of the original target.

* Poison Form

o Mark of Corruption -- Stacking debuff on entire raid that increases nature damage.
o Vile Sludge -- Cast on a single target every 15 seconds. Deals 4000 nature damage over 24 seconds, and reduces damage done by 50%. Use Cloak of Shadows to remove it.

* Tips:

o When fighting Hydross in water form, spread out as much as possible to reduce the number of people affected by Water Tomb.
o When the tanks are getting ready to transition, stop all attacks. Hit Escape to deselect your target, or hit F to select the tank, so you don't accidently hit Hydross and pull aggro during the transition.
o During transitions, do not bandage or use a potion or even hit SnD. Don't do anything at all. Just move to the new combat location and wait for the tank switch.
o Hunters will probably have a misdirect rotation on the tanks, so you will be able to deal high damage after giving the tank a couple seconds headstart.
o If they call out for help on adds over TeamSpeak, and there's an add near you, kill it. Otherwise, focus on Hydross.
o We take damage from the Water Tomb and Vile Sludge. Other than those, we don't take much damage in this fight at all. Use Cloak of Shadows on Vile Sludge.

* Drops: Ring of Lethality, Shoulderpads of the Stranger

The Lurker Below

* Trash: Large groups. Greyheart Technicians are weak and stunnable, and don't hit very hard. Kill them first, with or without a tank on them. Once all the trash is dead, the water boils and kills the hungry fish.
* Boiling Water: 500 damage every 3 seconds. If you jump in the water, each jump causes 500 damage. If you're in the water, do not jump.
* Poisons: Normal (Deadly MH, Instant OH unless we have WF totem, then put deadly on OH)

* Phase 1: Lasts two minutes

o Whirl: Physical aoe to all in melee range. 3-4k damage, 5 yard knockback, 30 sec cooldown.
o Spout: Every 45 seconds, a water ray starts at the tank, slowly rotating in a random direction for a full turn. Over 6k damage with a huge knockback (over 30 yards). Drop into the water and go under so it passes overhead.
o Stand on the inner edge of the ring, so when whirl knocks you back, you won't fall off the island. OR watch the timer on whirlwind and backup to the edge of the island just before whirlwind, so it doesn't hit you at all Or drop into the water infront of the ledge just before Whirlwind. The whirlwind will knock you back up onto the platform and you lose 0 DPS time this way.

* Phase 2: Lasts one minute

o Lurker submerges and nine adds appear.
o Coilfang Ambushers (6) - Two on each outer island. Groups on those islands will take care of those.
o Coilfang Guardians (3) - Inner ring only. Assist off the tank. These cleave 180 degrees so make sure you stand behind them.

* Phase 1 and Phase 2 continue to alternate throughout the entire fight.

* Drops: Boots of Effortless Striking

Leotheras the Blind

* Leotheras is a demon hunter who splits between his human form and a demon form. Each transition resets all threat.
* Poisons: For this fight i'd recommend Deadly on OH and instant MH due to the fact you shiv lots on human form.

* Human form - last about 45 seconds

o Whirlwind - 3000 damage and a bleeding debuff that ticks for 2500
o 4 seconds before Whirlwind timer is finished all Melee must run away to the area at the top where Leotheras starts from before we pull.
o Best DPS cycle during the human phase is:- 5xShiv then Rupture and run out. If you have time then 1 more Shiv to get a combo point ready for SnD when you run in after WW is finished. Melee arent great on this fight in human phase. Just do what you can, but priority is not to get hit by the whirlwind or your raidspot would be better given to a ranged DPS.
o He will whirlwind around the room for 15 seconds.
o If he targets you during whirlwind, run away, and he should then target someone else. Dont run backwards. Turn around and run away.
o When the whirlwind ends, all threat is reset.

* Demon form

o Chaos Blast - Low damage fire AoE, and stacking debuff to increase the damage of the AoE
o Inner Demons - He will summon inner demons from five people in the raid. These inner demons can only be damaged by the person he summoned them from.
o You must kill you inner demon within 30 seconds, or you will become mind-controlled for 10 minute, which means the raid will have to kill you. Stay near Leotheras and use Blade Flurry to continue damage on the boss while killing your demon.
o When he transitions back to human form, all threat is reset.

* Split form - at 15%, the demon form will show up at full health. He will not summon inner demons anymore. Focus on the human form. When the human form is killed, the demon form despawns.
* Use trinkets and cooldowns on the demon form phase.
* Drops: Token for Deathmantle Handguards, Tsunami Talisman

Fathom Lord Karathress

* Poisons: Normal (If you are assigned to kick duty on the priest add then use mindnumbing poisons on OH with Deadly poison on MH)
* Three adds:
* Sharkkis (Hunter) - Has typical hunter skills--multi-shot, viper sting, summon pet, the beast within.
* Tidalvess (Shaman) - Has typical shaman skills -- windfury, frostshock, and totems. Spitfire totems must be destroyed as soon as they appear.
* Caribdis (Priest) - Interrupt heals. Has an AoE water volley attack, and an AoE stun. Rogues may be assigned to Carbdis through the whole fight to interrupt heals (like we do on summoners in Mag's Lair).
* Each time an add dies, Karathress gains one of their abilities.
* Spitfire totems - Karathress will also use these totems after Tidalvess is slain. If we're assigned to help with them, make the usual macro:

o /target spitfire
o /startattack

* Drops: Token for Deathmantle Legguards, Bloodsea Brigand's Vest,

Morogrim Tidewalker

* Poisons: Normal
* Watery Grave - Every 30 seconds, he'll teleport four random people, not including the tank, to the waterfalls to take about 4000 damage, including fall damage.
* Earthquake - AoE for 4000 damage with a knockdown, every 40 seconds.
* Murlocs - Two packs of six murloc adds come out. Ignore them. Mages and warlocks will AoE them.
* Watery Globules - At 25%, he'll stop using Watery Grave, and instead summon these water bubbles that will approach the raid and explode for 4000-5000 damage when they reach someone.
* Tips:

o Focus DPS on the boss. Max damage without passing the tank in threat.
o Heal up with bandages/potions after Watery Grave before moving back to the raid group, so the Earthquake doesn't kill you.
o Move away from Watery Globules.

* Drops: Talon of Azshara

Don't be relived that you dealt with someone quietly,
There always someone in the shadows targeting you.

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