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 Post subject: Mutilate: Daggers and Poisons
PostPosted: Sun May 09, 2010 12:25 am 
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Hello Rogues and alt Rogues ^_^

This is an explanation about daggers theory crafting.
I've decided to write this thread after being asked few times about why I use my fast dagger on my main hand.
So here is the thorough explanation.

General MAEP(Mutilate agility equivalent points) rules about daggers

I will not get into why these numbers are as I present them, but there are far more talented and smart people out there, that put up the hours of research to get to these numbers.

0.1 Instant poison dagger speed = 5 MAEP per 0.1 *faster* than 1.8

This is assuming same dagger ilvl.
The positive and small MAEP increase (equivalent to 5 agility) is due to focused attack procs.
Know that this could be greater if it didn't reduce the white hit damage.
This also assume a static "test dummy" scenario, after all, this is theory crafting.

0.1 Deadly poison dagger speed = -50 MAEP per 0.1 *slower* than 1.4

This is assuming same dagger ilvl.
The huge MAEP decrease (equivalent to 50 agility) is due to less DP procs that proc IP.

1 MH DPS = 1.85 MAEP
1 OH DPS = 1.3 MAEP

Daggers equip rules

0) Highest dps dagger on MH , DP on fast dagger, IP on slow dagger
1) If both daggers have the same dps , use fast dagger in MH*
2) If both dagger have the same dps and speed , use DP on the MH dagger*

* If the fight involves a lot of switching (Dreamwalker, Lady Deathwhisper), ignore 1 & 2 , use slower dagger in MH

Q: Wtf ? Use fast dagger with DP on MH ??!
A: Yes.

Q: But whyyyy?
A: Assuming similar dagger dps and full raid buffs, putting the fast DP dagger in MH will allow using envenom to proc another DP application which will proc IP.
This is correct for fights where the rogue can "sit" on the boss, since at that situation the RNG will be more balanced.
On target switching like Dreamwalker or Lady Deathwhisper this can be proved wrong since ramp up time is involved and you want your white hits to punch the most in short time.

Well.. enough for now.
Discussions are welcome.

Rogue & DK CL


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